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Our expertise in e-commerce, adtech/martech, and people-to-people fields as well as other business areas helps us develop web and mobile solutions tailored with care for our clients. You can come to us at any stage of your project - from just an idea to architecture, from development to quality assurance and support.

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Front-end programmers at Railsware follows OOCSS principles to organize CSS across large-scale projects. Our experts write truly modular, reusable code and effectively collaborate with the team. Within the knowledge sharing culture, our developers open-sourced their own vision of the Modular CSS - check out ApplePie.

Front End


We’re always on the edge of the technology trends and now actively using Swift in our mobile projects. Even more, Railsware engineers have built open source BDD style testing framework for Swift - Sleipnir - which already got more than 500 stars on GitHub. Our unified APIs and “mobile first” approach in application design is our “secret sauce” for the apps’ flawless look and feel on both Android and iOS.

Front End


The entry point of the backend is the load balancer, which is proxying requests to a combination of Nginx and Passenger. For standard web applications we use RoR as a core technology, but for high loaded real-time systems Erlang is just a better option. For persistent data storage we use PostgreSQL or MySQL, if it makes more sense. As a Key-value storage we prefer Redis, and for messaging - RabbitMQ. We also have extensive experience with both types of hosting, the classical hardware and modern cloud based. In each particular case developers design a specific technological stack to sustain needs of the application, as well as to make it stable and fast.

Front End


Today it's hard to imagine web products not linked to popular services. Our Ruby On Rails developers have implemented a bunch of different integrations, e.g. social networks(Facebook, Twitter), payment systems (Paypal, Stripe, Braintree), geo services (Foursquare, Google Maps/Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc.), email marketing (Sendgrid, Mailchimp), business tools (LinkedIn, Zendesk, Pivotal Tracker), etc.

While integrating, we do not only use 3rd party APIs, but also build our own APIs that can be used by third party applications

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